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Running an apparel business is not for the faint of heart.
Often times it means juggling many moving parts.
Sometimes it feels like you’re troubleshooting more than you’re creating.
Do you agree? 
If you're nodding your head, saying yes... then you've come to the right place. I am passionate about helping fashion entrepreneurs build a purposeful and profitable business so they can make a living doing what they love. That's why I am running a series of business workshops to give you the education and support you need to launch and grow your fashion business.
This includes topics on time management, market research, product development, garment manufacturing, sales & marketing, search engine optimization and operations (shipping/logistics). 


I am currently working on exciting new content and training for 2022.

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Hosted by Glynis Tao, Apparel Business Consultant & SEO Specialist

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Please enjoy this recording of my most popular training about "The Fundamentals of Garment Manufacturing"

Are you a fashion designer who has an amazing idea for a clothing line but not sure how to begin to get it made? New designers often struggle to connect with the right factories to launch their businesses. They usually don’t have connections in the industry and lack practical experience of speaking to manufacturers.

This webinar is for emerging designers and brands who are looking for factories to produce their clothing line. I have Jan Khurram from Cirrus Garment joining me. He runs a garment factory based in Saint John, NB Canada. They produce clothing for companies like Samuelsohn, Joseph Ribkoff, Canada Goose, Stansfield and many more.

In this webinar I will cover:

 - Stages of Product Development

- Getting Preliminary Costing

- Pattern and Sample Development

- Pre-Production Process

- Pattern Grading and Marker Making

- Production Samples

- Quality Control Checks 

- Packaging & Shipping

We’ll also cover the pros and cons of domestic vs offshore manufacturing.  

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Product Development for your Clothing Brand Workshop for Fashion Entrepreneurs
Hi! I’m Glynis, the founder of Chase Your Dreams Consulting. I’m a clothing brand owner turned business consultant and SEO specialist with 20 years apparel industry experience.
I help clothing brands increase organic traffic and make more sales with SEO.
I bring a wealth of knowledge of the apparel industry with me. Having worked for big brands such as Club Monaco and Reebok to successfully running my own clothing design company for over 10 years.
I’m also the host of Chase Your Dreams Podcast. This is a podcast for fashion entrepreneurs who are ready to pursue their passion and make a living doing what they love. 
Let me help you make 2021 your best year ever. See you in the workshop!

Alicja M

"I was mentored by Glynis for a workshop geared toward entrepreneurs. Glynis is very effective at helping you reframe your own "mental blocks" by dragging you out of your comfort zone with deep questions and self-reflection. She makes you feel safe and supported as you go through exercises that drive you to do better. If you're looking to personally grow as an entrepreneur, or come up with a game plan for your future, you should definitely talk to Glynis first."

Tammi Anne B

"This was such a valuable webinar! Glynis, you are personable as well as super knowledgable, and thank you for finding a garment factory owner willing to give a behind-the-scenes look. We've taken a lot of what was discussed and turned it into action items for our manufacturing plan. If anyone is looking for up-to-date guidance on starting a fashion business, Glynis' training videos are great."