Label Launchers Mastermind

Group Coaching

Begins September 14, 2023

Hosted by Glynis Tao,
Apparel Business Consultant & SEO Specialist
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Create a Profitable Fashion Business with Products That Sell

Is your BIG DREAM operating on a SMALL BUDGET?


Sure you’re a first-timer fashion entrepreneur with limited resources, but that doesn’t mean you have to figure it all out on your own!

We designed this program to give you affordable access to quality expertise and guidance as you carry out your mission to create a product that will sell.

  • Access expert knowledge and advice on how to run a business in the competitive fashion industry
  • Get connected with trustworthy manufacturers and vendors who won’t take advantage of you because they spot a newbie
  • Stay motivated and accountable to to meet your objectives

We help you develop: 

✅ Efficient time management to stay on-course towards your launch date

✅ An understanding of the product development and production process, so you can confidently deal with suppliers and manufacturers

✅ Pricing for your products so that your business is profitable from the beginning

✅ A launch strategy to increase your chances of sales—versus the sound of crickets—after your product hits the market


Start with PASSION, proceed with a PLAN

Launching a fashion apparel brand is really exciting, but your cash and time will run out quickly if you go about it without an informed action plan and weekly meetings to keep you accountable.


Our Framework : How it works


Define 🎯

Who’s your customer? What’s their problem? What will they buy?

  • Pinpoint their problem that requires a solution
  • Build the perfect product as a solution for that customer base
  • Know how to market your product in a way that will resonate with the customer to make a purchase



Make a plan and create the buzz

  • Create the product offering - line plan, pieces in your collection
  • Create marketing - branding visuals & messaging, product offering, website
  • Create content - lead magnets and blogs to grow and build an audience—so that by launch date, you’ll have plenty of eyeballs and interest in your brand


Attract 💵

Make your audience know, like and trust your brand from awareness to transaction - Cha Ching $$$$

  • Identify sales channels to reach buyers - online, DTC, B2B, wholesale
  • Getting in front of buyers through SEO, press releases, social media
  • Public relations and advertising


Because you want REVENUE—not regrets

Many fashion apparel brands DON’T make it after they launch because they haven’t put in all the work!

It’s so easy to get caught up—in the fun of making your dream garments or accessories, and the glamour of flashy fashion shoots—without spending the necessary effort on areas such as market research, validation, price and positioning.

❌ Don’t end up tripping over boxes of unsold inventory in your one-bedroom condo

❌ Avoid those awkward dinner conversations where your family members start dropping hints about needing to finally see returns on their $$$ investment

❌ Don’t start your diary entry with “Why did I do this to myself?”


Make a living doing what you love ❤️ It's SO SATISFYING!

Imagine logging into your e-commerce site every morning and seeing new orders appearing daily.

Make enough money to pay yourself and even hire extra help—so you can continue to scale your company to the next level.


This program is for you if...

  • You have been in business for less than 3 years
  • You need help finding an audience and building brand awareness
  • You have confusion around what you should be doing to move your business forward
  • You want to make more money and grow your business
  • You are not sure where to get your products made and how to talk to manufacturers

This program is NOT for you if...

  • You are not ready and willing to take massive action to build a wildly successful clothing business

  • You are ok with wasting time figuring out things yourself and willing to make costly mistakes

When do we start?

The program is set to start Thursday, September 14th, 2023. Spaces Limited!

What do you get? 

  • Private Slack community 
  • Custom masterclasses 
  • Weekly group coaching calls on zoom
  • Client learning portal
  • Curated resources, scripts, templates 
  • Specific tools to run your business
  • Accountability groups
  • Access to guest mentors

What is the investment?

The cost of the program is USD $350/ month for 3 months (automatic recurring payments) First payment due upon registration.

Have more questions? Let’s discuss! Email me at [email protected]

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Hi! I’m Glynis, the founder of Chase Your Dreams Consulting. I’m a clothing brand owner turned business consultant and SEO specialist with 20 years apparel industry experience.

I’ve worked for big brands such as Club Monaco and Reebok as well as running my own clothing design company for over 10 years. I have expertise in technical design, fabrics sourcing, product development, domestic and overseas garment manufacturing, product management, new business development, search engine optimization, trade show marketing.

In addition to working directly with fashion entrepreneurs, I serve as a board member of the BC Apparel and Gear Association and teach in the fashion design program at a college in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

But that’s not all! I’m also the host of Chase Your Dreams Podcast, for fashion entrepreneurs who are ready to pursue their passion and make a living doing what they love. I have been featured on the front page of the business sections of the Vancouver Sun, National Post, The Globe & Mail and interviewed on CBC Radio.

Real Stories from Participants in the Mastermind


Alicja M

"I was mentored by Glynis for a workshop geared toward entrepreneurs. Glynis is very effective at helping you reframe your own "mental blocks" by dragging you out of your comfort zone with deep questions and self-reflection. She makes you feel safe and supported as you go through exercises that drive you to do better. If you're looking to personally grow as an entrepreneur, or come up with a game plan for your future, you should definitely talk to Glynis first."

Frequently Asked Questions


Who’s the Label Launchers Mastermind for?

The Label Launchers Mastermind is for business owners in the fashion, apparel and textiles industry. It’s great for anyone who’s starting a new business and even owners who have been in business for a number of years and are looking to grow or wanting to pivot an existing business model. I provide the tools of the trade used by industry professionals to get you moving in the right direction. Currently I have people in the program who own a niche fashion company and sustainable jewelry brand.

What is a Mastermind? 

A business mastermind is a group of entrepreneurs, who meet together on a regular basis to discuss and offer support to each other’s businesses. A mastermind includes brainstorming, coaching and education.

Maybe you want to diversify your income, increase your sales, launch a new product line, and just need someone’s opinion on how to market it, and how to launch it.

Or maybe you are looking to create a larger impact with your business and be a part of a group that can keep you accountable. 

What if I’m totally new to business and have no formal apparel training or experience?

The Mastermind is the perfect place for you to start as the focus is on building a solid foundation for success, right from the get go.

When does the program start and how does it work?

The next intake is starting Thursday, September 14th. The coaching calls will be weekly on zoom- Thursdays at 12pm PST (3pm EST). The meetings will be about 60-90 minutes depending on size of the group. Everyone will have a “check-in" report that lists your successes, challenges and needs for the week. Each person will have 12-15 minutes to present their check-in report. If anyone has a particular business challenge, I encourage them to bring that to the group and we can devote up to 30 minutes "hot seat" to help them with that challenge. We followed this structure with another mastermind group I was in and it worked really well. Every week you will have the opportunity to get my help or the group help on a challenge you are dealing with.

How long does the program run for?

The Mastermind Group Coaching Program is is currently set for 3 months however, at the end of the program we can extend it month to month depending on each individual’s needs.

What kind of support do I get during the program?

In addition to access to our private Slack channel where you can reach out to me and other group members in between sessions. I will bring in special industry guest mentors on occasion if people are interested in learning more about particular topics. So far I have expert mentors in pattern making, production and a 27 year veteran in the industry who built a $100 million company without any investors. She’s amazing and so inspiring.

What’s special about the program? 

Collaborative: This is a genuine collaborative experience. We are working together as a whole to support each other in reaching goals. Within the mastermind, there are mini-masterminds so everyone is supporting each other- there’s plenty of peer to peer support. In addition, you’ll have access to the Chase Your Dreams Slack Channel to communicate with myself and others in the program.

Customized Content: You’ll get customized tools, templates, resources, and content specific to the needs of people in the mastermind. One of the things we will cover in the program is how to talk to manufacturers.

I know for many designers one of the biggest fears is how to communicate with manufactures. In this program I will help you to communicate better, so you can find the right manufacturing partner for your products. I provide scripts and templates that I used for my business.

Accountability: You will be rewarded for following through with the things you commit to in your business. We make accountability fun! Let's celebrate our wins together 🎉

Time: You will reach your goals a lot faster. The masterclasses, hosted by me and guest mentors, are designed specifically for the members who are in the program. I spend my time getting feedback from the members to ensure that all content is relevant, meaning you won’t waste your time in the membership with course materials that aren’t what you actually need to grow your business.

How is this Mastermind program different from other coaching programs and online courses?

I have over 20 years apparel industry experience10 years working for big brands such as Club Monaco and Reebok, as well as running my own clothing design company for over 10 years. What makes working with me different is I discovered what the key stumbling block was for people who are struggling with not having an action plan: not knowing exactly what to work on and what action steps are most profitable. Also I ran a clothing design company for 10 years so I can relate to what you’re going through. You will be learning from myself and other experts, which will cut down your time from having to learn on your own.

What’s the benefit of group coaching compared to individual 1:1 consulting?

The benefit of participating in a group mastermind is the peer to peer support and lower cost compared to 1:1 coaching. Entrepreneurship can be a very isolating (and expensive) journey. Here, you will have the chance to network and build friendships along the way. There’s plenty of opportunities to collaborate with members, and you will be able to bounce ideas off one another and get feedback. The fun part is the regular ‘show and tells’ that we do. Participants really enjoy the collaborations that form and getting different perspectives that they may not have thought of. 

Tammi Anne B

"This was such a valuable webinar! Glynis, you are personable as well as super knowledgable, and thank you for finding a garment factory owner willing to give a behind-the-scenes look. We've taken a lot of what was discussed and turned it into action items for our manufacturing plan."


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